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Sendero IdealCare requests a premium rate increase for the first time since it began

Sendero Health Plans IdealCare began offering health exchange coverage in 2014 to residents in 8 counties of Central Texas and will continue these offerings in 2017. In 2016, Sendero IdealCare offered plans with the most competitive premiums in its market. Sendero IdealCare now has two years of experience with which to base its 2017 premiums. The amount of premium collected in these periods was not sufficient to cover all Sendero IdealCare claims, administrative costs, payments and projected liabilities to the Federal Risk Adjustment Program as established in the Affordable Care Act. This imbalance is the largest contributor to the 28.94% increase requested from 2016 to 2017. Other factors of the increase include the discontinuation of the Federal Reinsurance and Risk Corridor programs, expected changes in claims and Sendero IdealCare population health.

Even though some people may experience a premium increase, we believe that the Sendero IdealCare product offerings will continue to be the most competitive among the options what will be available to consumers in Central Texas in 2017.